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Meteor OPD has created WorkFit to complement its extensive range of quality office equipment and furniture products.


WorkFit is an ergonomics based programme that ensures the highest level of fit between an operator, their work activities and workstation.


The Meteor OPD WorkFit programme has been established in association with Professor T W Cunniffe PhD, FCIEHF, MDINZ, C.ErgHF – Patron Member HFESNZ. Terry is a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist who in the past 20 years has ergonomically evaluated the workstations of more than 7,000 computer/clerical operators.


Meteor OPD WorkFit offers employers a comprehensive range of services to ensure compliance with health and safety requirement and ensure their staff a comfortable and healthy working environment.


The Meteor OPD WorkFit services include:


Seating Assessments

Seating assessments ensure that the correct chair is selected to match the physical needs of its user, their work activities and the working environment. With the availability of the prescribed chair its characteristics and adjustment are explained.


Workstation set-ups

Workstation set-ups ensure that the workstation and chair used by an operator match with their requirements and work activities. Correct working heights and distances are achieved and explained to the operator.


Ergonomic reviews

Ergonomic reviews are recommended in cases where an operator has reported discomfort and/or difficulties with their workstation or seating provisions. Associated with the review is a detailed report that identifies the cause of the problems and provides a definitive solution. Workstation modifications are supervised and progress of the operator monitored.


Ergonomic evaluations

Ergonomic evaluations are used where an operator has reported an injury that is affecting their comfort and ability to operate effectively. A detailed assessment of their workstation and seating provision along with their work activities produces a detailed report that identifies the cause of the injury and provides a definitive solution which may include a structured return to full duties programme.

Workstation modifications are supervised and operator progress is monitored.


Office ergonomics seminars

Office ergonomics seminars are of one hour duration and explain the function and correct adjustment of a workstation and associated seating provisions. Office ergonomics seminars are useful for operators and equipment/furniture purchasing personnel.


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